My Children’s Birthday Party (DIY)

My kids wanted a Peter Pan themed birthday party. After some calculations, we decided that we’ll do it our style: DIY way!


There are some elements that represent Peter Pan: Pirates, Mermaids, Red Indians, and the Lost Boys. We decided to omit the mermaid & the lost boys elements and concentrate on the pirates. As for the Indians, I just made a teepee for the kids to play inside.


Malaysia is very hot and humid, so I made some sort of temporary shades for the green area of my house.



I’ve created the buffet table resembled a pirate ship. Bought some stuffs from the art shop, I managed to make it look, well, at least like a sailing ship.



Pirate flag on a teepee? I know, I know… It doesn’t make sense. I got some pirate flags and I didn’t what to do with it!


We bought the pirate attire, but as for Peter Pan, I made the hat and my mom made the shirt and the belt.


Tips to make a ship looks like a pirate ship: Lotsa stripes and chocolate coins in treasure chests.


Cutting cake moment!



The teepee at night. My daughter brought drinks and books to hang out here.


…and the party was over.


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