Kitchen Console (DIY)


My wife and I have been wantng a kitchen island or console for such a long time. However, it costs us thousands of Ringgit to get one. So I got ourselves some good planks, Ikea console & trolley, and my two hands, we’ve got ourselves this one sweet console for only few hundred Ringgit!

01 02

This is the base of my island: IKEA UDDEN RM395 and this trolley is meant to be in it: : IKEA UDDEN RM229.




I’ve laid out some planks and let the front open. This is where the newly washed dishes/pots/pans go for drying.


Apply on some wood stain & varnish and it’s a fully functional island cum drying area cum my coffee station! The wood part is dettachable so that it’ll be easy for cleaning. Then, I put on some shelvings on the wall for more storage.

The bottom area is for pots & pans drying/storage, the top area is for chopping, preparing & coffee making station.









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