Imaginary Friends (Book)

Imaginary Friends is a quirky collection of 26 illustrated short stories first published by MPH as an e-book. Its print edition was launched on Mar’14.
Imaginary Friends is a quirky collection of 26 illustrated short stories in alphabetical order published by MPH.At first glance, Imaginary Friends may look like a typical children’s book. However, upon closer reading, you will find that its sophisticated wit and references to modern culture make it an enjoyable read for teens and adults who are young at heart. While the main characters are animals or grocery items, they were written for a very human audience in mind. In fact, many of the life lessons that are stated at the end of each story are things you wished the “older people” had told you about when you were in your late teens or early twenties. With rib-tickling humour and heart-warming moments aplenty, these 26 modern-day fables are bound to make you ponder about your life.

MELANIE LEE is a writer and editor in Singapore. Her work has been published in Travel + Leisure (Southeast Asia), Yahoo! Singapore, and Today newspaper, among others. She has also co-authored a spiritual book, Quiet Journeys: Finding Stillness in Chaos, and edited architecture and heritage coffee-table books. For more information, please visit her website at KHOR (illustrator for the ebook) is a writer and self-taught illustrator in Singapore. Trained in creative arts, with experience in theatre, web and fashion design, she now hones her skills with crafting sessions at home with her two young children. She also designs for, an online fashion store.


ARIF RAFHAN (illustrator for the print book) is a Malaysian creative director of a web design agency who loves to draw on anything – from dead-tree media to his computer monitor and his son’s bedroom wall. 

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